Tuesday, November 13, 2018


After years of quietly dabbling in the dark arts of crochet, I've recently begun weaving. I was prompted to start by an invitation to be part of a local exhibition.

I live on the south western coast of Victoria, Australia, and locals had been despairing about the amount of 'sea junk' that washes up on our shores. A solution that presented itself was to gather some local artists with the brief to use the 'sea junk' to make something beautiful, as well as running some accompanying seminars to educate the public on the problem. So the weaving above was made by unravelling the damaged net below, as well as additional wool, and other smaller pieces of sea rope debri.

I hope to make more of these weavings. It's infinitely satisfying to cut up something that is really dangerous for sea life. It's a great challenge to try and make something beautiful from it. Finding a market may prove tricky as they are time consuming to create so I need to sell them at a higher price to make it worth my while to create them. The regional centre I'm based near, Warrnambool, has a limited market for higher-end artworks. So I'm toying with starting an etsy page, and also chatting to galleries and sellers in Melbourne. We'll see how that goes...

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