Monday, May 10, 2010

Would you like heart disease with that?

Cigarettes in Melbourne will now be sold sans branding. Just a box with a little photo of a devasted lung and the words "Smoking causes lung cancer". 


  1. shelley, I love it! delwyn

  2. Thankyou Delwyn, your timing is impeccable. The following conversation was had 10 seconds before your comment flashed up.
    Me: "Would you like to read my last few posts?"
    Husband: Grunt.
    Me: "What did you think?"
    Husband: Grunt. It should be "Storm fan, not Storms fan".
    Me: "Can you read the one I just wrote?
    Husband: "I'm doing Sudoku"
    Me: "You love Sudoku more then you love meeeeee?"
    Husband: "Yes".

    Me: curl up in the foetal position, rock quietly.

    Enter: DELWYN!!!! hooray! As I said, fantastic timing.

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