Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The search for the Pear.

Pear series:  5. 'Recovering'
These six collages show someones search for a Pear. I was trying to capture common themes that we all share in our life's journey. The Pear can represent many things (meaning/ love/connection?) but I liked the idea of not explaining what the search was about but just letting the viewer muse about this themselves.
Each image represents one element of existence. Here they are as a narrative:

Below are 1. Questioning  and  2. Searching

Below are 3. Finding  and  4. Struggling 

 Below are 5. Recovering  and  6. Losing

This series was a chance to explore further the collage work I've been so enjoying. The image below was from an old box that had previously held tins of baked beans. I ripped it apart and really liked the ridges. I just love the tactility of collage-especially after so much of my cartooning work has gone digital. I also wanted to prepare some folio pieces that had a central character that travelled to different places, so this self-driven project served those two ends. It was nice to have the freedom.
Pear series:  6.'Losing'

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