Thursday, August 23, 2018

Picture book delivered!

The FIRST copies of the FIRST picture book I've illustrated arrived today! 
Amusingly, our eccentric small-town postie mistook me for the teachers wife and delivered the box to our local school. So, after some initial confusion, I got to crack open the Scholastic box surrounded by my eldest daughter and school buddies. A sweet moment-as was finally introducing toddler Tessa to the book! She and the book have such a history together.  I discovered I was pregnant at the same time as getting the job of illustrating "Shoo Grumpers Shoo". I had to lean over a very pregnant belly to draw most of it. It was quite surreal to snuggle up in bed tonight and read it together. They aren't quite siblings, but something akin to that. 

After years of drawing cartoons, which are usually published quite quickly, it has been strange to switch to the much longer process of childrens book publishing. It's taken almost 2 years from the first conversation with the publisher to actually holding the book in my hands. Delaaaaayed gratification.

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