Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Digital art and a fancy etch-a-sketch.

Today's cartoon.
Getting my copy from the newsagent I opened it, tilted my head and held out the page in front of me.
Yes, the image did look as digital in print, as it did on my computer.

I've been doing all of my colouring on the computer and it's been looking like that. Lot's of people love the 2d, hard-edged, digital-art look. I don't. In fact, I hate it. It looks like it's had the life sucked out of it. Trouble is, it's so much quicker. I need to get better with my digital colouring (so it doesn't look like digital colouring!) or run down to my local art emporium, buy half the shop, and stop sleeping in a bid to paint more.
I think I'll go with the 'get better at digital colouring' option and use my first Age pay cheque to buy a Wacom tablet. They're the 'tool de rigueur' for cartoonists. Essentially they are a really fancy etch-a-sketch that costs hundreds of dollars. There is an irony in buying another piece of computer gadgetry to help my cartoonists look 'more natural'.
But yes, a quick rifle through my make up bag does reveal that I have paid around $15 a piece for crayon-like media that is advertised as "the make up that no one will you're wearing!"
Except me. And my wallet. So it's just a continuation of that hypocrisy I suppose ...
The cartoon above relates to the 'Clearway war' (Herald Sun headline) currently operating between the Yarra and Stonington Councils and Vicroads.

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