Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cartoons that never make it.

Many cartoons never make it onto the page... There are loads of ideas that get sketched up and sent straight to the bin because they weren't good ideas. But a good deal of good cartoons are sent straight to The Vault* purely because they are created at the wrong time. The cartoon below never made it because I felt the issue had been flogged to death. There had been a lot of batt/electricity/fire/insulation gags (some of them just brilliant) and I didn't think this extra cartoon could add much to the debate.
The cartoon above wasn't published soon after creating it and then, before long, lost it's meaning because Rudd did do something about the Japanese killing whales. It just wasn't much. In fact if I remember correctly it was described by another cartoonist as the equivalent of saying
Or I'll have to say Stop! again!"

*see previous post for more information about The Vault and who lives there.

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