Thursday, August 25, 2011

I won!

I won the competition! Well, 10 cartoonists won, and I was one of the ten.
Which is nice. It reminds me of modern day pass-the-parcel. Newspaper is torn and thrown with the sweaty abandon of wild greed, and out tumbles a little present for each and every participant.
We are ALL winnners! Hooray!
( "He got a Mars Bar and I wanted a Mars Bar but all I got was a Milky Waaaaaayyyy".)

I won a pass to the opening night of a comic/cartooning convention at the Sydney Opera House. Didn't go, had a family wedding on. At the family wedding I did some of this:

Yup, facepainting. Art on face. 
I've recently discovered that facepainting provides a win-win for myself and my children. They want to be super-heroes, I want to do more art. Facepainting makes both of those wishes come true! Huzzah!

So, I took my new facepainting kit and did some faces at the wedding. Some were good, some were...interesting. But children, although being wriggly canvases, are easily-pleased clients. They're highly forgiving. And it's improving my brush work. 

This cartoon won the competition.


  1. Ace! Well done you!! We've been doing a spot of face painting around these parts too. I just must keep reminding myself to remove the squiggles the three year old gives me before going out. And to get better, less fussy face paint.

  2. Thankyou. I bought TAG facepaints, and can recommend them.
    Happy squiggling to your little one...and good on you for encouraging the squiggling!

    The world needs more squiggling, methinks.


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