Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I recieved an email the other day announcing a cartoon competition. The subject for the subject was common grievances. 
"Hmmm, don't know if I'll have any of cartoons on that subject" I thought.
 Twenty-five minutes later, I crawled out of the hard drive with cobwebs on my shoulders and a serious reality check in hand. There were LOADS of grievance-inspired cartoons in there. Skulking away in the dark corners, probably breeding. It seems my cartooning career has just been a litany of complaints.

Well, that shatters the illusion that I was a positive person, a glass-half-full-kinda gal. And now, of course, I've got bits of illusion scattered about the lino. Better go get the dustpan and some newspaper and clean up the mess. I'll probably get some pointy illusion bits in my foot but what can you do? 
Life's just like that. 

Click on the cartoons if you can't read the details.


  1. See, I think, you really are positive precisely because you do cartoon all the crap away. Huzzah! You could sell it as art therapy. Make a killing.


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