Thursday, February 19, 2015

Highlights from 2014.

1. Medicare Local job:Lunchbox Blitz Attack.

This aim of this program was to educate children and parents about healthy lunchbox alternatives. The program needed an artist-graphic designer to work with the children and come up with some compelling visual images that could be used to promote healthy food choices. It was a pilot program that saw me visit 5 local schools, becoming an art teacher for the day. I chose to work in 3D,  photographing our creations, and the kids and I brainstormed slogans to go with our personified veggie people. Below is a selection of what we created.

2. Giant Sea Urchin and Laneway Festival.

Both of these jobs were funded by Warrnambool City Council and involved me working with dear friend and fellow artist, Rachel Peters.

"Echoes of the Sea" was an event that transformed a quiet Warrnambool laneway into a sea-themed wonderland. Rachel made some gorgeous beach junk sculpture. Delia Crabbe hand-painted a buoy, with her usual flare for detail and intricacy. Together we organised live music, kids activities, a lifesize penguin, and a hanging kelp forrest.

The Sea urchin was made from beach junk collected from local beaches. It was a great project but when we delivered it to the council it was placed on the floor outside the local library. Apparently they didn’t have a plinth. The Urchin, being of a certain height, was sat upon by every small child in warrnambool under the age of six…and it wasn't really made to be sat upon. Last time I saw it the Urchin looked like it had lost a good deal of it’s structural integrity. Oh well.
Much like leading a horse to water, you can lead a council to public art but you can’t make it plinth.

3. New print run of cartoon prints.

Warrnambool has a blooming Artist Co-operative called The F project. The F project is a veritable hub of creative projects which include a gallery, a shop, workshops and seasonal art markets. For the Christmas Artist Market I  printed and packaged 10 cartoon designs and they sold well, covering my print costs. I’m now selling the prints in the F projects Shop which is called 'The Artery'. They were the best selling product during January 2015 and I’m hoping this will continue!

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