Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Ethical Consumer Guide Cover

Here is my artwork for the cover.
The original artwork (below) got flipped. I still can't look at the cover without wincing a little-I think it looks deeply weird. But the designer who flipped it, and the client, obviously thought it was ok. Interestingly, I almost always prefer to draw my faces facing left on the page. I wonder if its a left brain/right brain difference? It'd be interesting to get some artists together and see if right handed artists predominantly draw their faces facing left, or vice versa.

I also added some more icons to the guide. I love doing these.
I come up with a few ideas, send them to the client (see below) and then we choose the best. Lots of fun.

The icons appear like this on the page.

The guide is an excellent resource. It's sold throughout Australia ( ) or you can buy it online (


  1. gawjus. much nicer than my drab old guide from 2010... must update. xx

  2. Hi Shelley,
    Would you mind if I used your first image (of the mum and the baby) for a post I am doing about Ethical consumption on

    Full credit and a link of course.


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