Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chapter 2. REVENGE of my immune system

I went out for tea last night, and when I came home I noticed a lump in my gum. The lump was above a tooth that had undergone a root canal a few  years previous. 
The diagnosis Dr.Shelley? Abscess, I think. 

  No, I'm not a dentist. But I do know this: my last post may have offended my immune system.
And an offended immune system may well decide to send large amounts of pus to a teeny tiny localised bit of your body. Causing problems. Just because it's all hurt and angry.
My advice? If you must keep a blog, limit your posts to chutney recipes, patchwork quilts and two legged dogs.  Don't post about your immune system. It's bound to cause problems.
Don't say you weren't warned, my friends.

P.S. If you clicked on the two legged dog link, and have read the post below, then you will realise that I have, in fact, given in to the demands of my immune system. Yes, I gave it Oprah. I'm not proud of that. But, what's a girl to do? It was threatening me with PUS.

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