Monday, June 6, 2011

Cartoon, Flashmob, Teapot.

It was World Environment Day on Saturday. 
So first a cartoon, "Battery Hen", is below. (It's on my Redbubble page if you want to buy it as a card, or a postcard. HINT. )
Next, a link which I'm deeeply excited about. You may or may not be.

WARNING: Dodgy video footage of earnest adults and children dancing in a shopping centre. May offend some viewers.

It's a whole lot of folk from my town doing a flashmob outside Coles! Protesting against plastic shopping bags. Activism you can do in leg-warmers, fantastic.
The recording films the front of the group which features most of the local dance school kids but there were a few of us Mums down the back. Keepin it real. Yeah. (If you're feeling snoopy, I'm in the right frames at around the .42 mark, in red boots, behind the woman in the white t-shirt... sorta. Oh, don't bother.)

We also went over to the local Bunnings to do it -they heard wind of it happening and requested us to come. But THEY ANNOUNCED IT! Bunnings ANNOUNCED a flash mob. No, no, NO!...Once a flash mob is announced it isn't a flashmob at all. It's just a group of people dancing badly in a public place.

And just in case you were starting to hanker for more public high-jinks,  I won't be planking, perching or teapotting in upcoming posts. Sorry 'bout that. I turn 36 in August.
BUT teapotting did START locally. Cos all the cool kids live here. 

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  1. Hi Shelley, I totally needed that battery hen imagery cartoon - I've been way too focussed on doing, achieving, getting things done in the writing sphere but actually I'm tired and just need to gaze out the window awhile. Bit burned out. So thanks. xx


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