Friday, June 17, 2011

NEW! Cookie smell with every comment!!!

Below is my old comment form.

It's worked well thus far, but Cathy from ChunkyChooky recently wrote 

blogger is not letting me comment on your blog. it keeps making me sign in, I think this is cookie related. I wrote this: I love your doodles they are ace....
(Also can mine not smell of aniseed, i do not like that smell) 

We here at Shelleycartoons strive to make your visit to this blog as comfortable as possible. So the technical problems will soon be resolved by our team of IT professionals. Following this, the warming love-electrons will no longer smell of aniseed. They will smell like cookies. Choc-chip cookies.


  1. yum, that smells heaps better. I can even smell a bit of chocolate meltng in that there cookie

  2. Ha! iPhone let's me comment but am now signed in as My Bearded Pigeon! This time it smells like roast lamb and vegetables. ( Cath a.k.a chunkychooky)

  3. Roast lamb and vegetables? Really? Oh dear. Something must have happened.
    No waaiiit. IT have just told me its the STIB (superior taste in blogs) receptor. It is a dynode, linked to the back of the warming love-electrons. It registers when a comment-maker has exceptional taste in blogs.
    So it's perfectly safe, and to be expected really.

  4. You two are idiots!!

    AND Personally for me its "jam drops"


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