Friday, February 25, 2011

Target Magazine, for TEAR Australia.
The idea for this cartoon came years ago, in response to the theme of 'Spirituality and Disability".
I recently updated it for community development organisation TEAR Australia. I still maintain that you can be an amputee and an angel. In the Bible angels are forever carrying flaming swords about, and most of them are blonde. Accidents are bound to occur.

I'm no longer being published in The Age*. I'll take this opportunity** to slow down my cartooning business this year, taking small jobs but nothing major. I'm taking time off to build our house. (I've been trying to build, work and care for kids for a few months now and it's not a winning combination.)  Whilst we are employing folk in overalls to do their power-tooled banging about, it will be a Strawbale house so there will be lots of rendering to do. And tidying up after the o'power-tooled ones. And keeping my small children away from the power tools.

So no more regular blogging from me for awhile. I will keep my hand in but the freelance jobs are often either straight illustration or rather project-specific. So not so suitable for publishing online weekly.

In my absence, visit this woman instead:

*I don't want your pity, just send me a cheque, or a bottle of gin.
**See? It's an opportunity. That's how quickly I can re-frame.

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  1. It's taken me a month to register I can't find your Age cartoons (I keep thinking I've got the day muddled) and now I find you're no longer in there boo hoo. A number of freelance writers / columnists appear to have been given similar opportunities of free time lately; it's nothing but advertorial now, and it makes me wild. I'll send you a cheque just as soon as I get paid for something I write! Alison xx


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