Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We got the fur!

The Age, 15th September 2010
I got the call at 3.30pm with the deadline being 5.00pm. So the cartoon above was whizzed up in an hour and a half ( "A PB!" I spluttered pool-side). My earlier attempt was deemed likely to offend, another first.

That's my last cartoon for The Age this year. I've got a few other freelancy dalliances but basically, I'm now on holiday! Yes, I am writing this in my finest white bikini gently oozing sand between my toes. Sortof. So, dear reader, (and I do have a reader! Her name is Elizabeth. She even wrote me a letter!) I raise my pina colada to the hazy horizon of cyberspace, squint, and say
"Cheers to teeny tiny paper umbrellas. And cheers to you. Elizabeth."

Dear Shelley,
 We can help improve your online sales.  If
you agree, email us today and we'll perform
a no-cost site evaluation and show you how.
 Elizabeth Quincy

Target Magazine, TEAR Australia.

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