Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Age, 6 September 2010
Remember when the election had produced a hung parliament and no one knew if we were Arthur or Martha (Tony or Julia)? We were all sitting all around, with a box of cigars at the ready, waiting for the news... Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl?
Well I came up with this cartoon in the waiting room. Thursday of last week. And I was sooo hoping I'd get it in the paper before a bottom was spanked and the cubans whipped out. Success! 
Cartoon published Monday, leadership announced Tuesday. Phew. 
Cheers to Bob, Rob and Tony for the longest labour in Australia's history.
Congratulations Australia, isn't she bewdiful!
The Age, 8 September 2010
On Wednesday 1st September it was announced that Melbourne would move to Stage Two water restrictions. Finally Melburnians could feel free to water their gardens (not lawns) with a hose and wash their cars! On Saturday 4th September our good state of Victoria flooded. FLOODED flooded. 'Bring in the army' flooded. So Melbourne is neck deep in water but, technically speaking, your'e still not allowed to water your lawn. Even if it is underwater.

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