Monday, November 23, 2009

Country kids in the city

We used to live in the city (Melbourne). For the last three years, however, we have lived more then 3 hours from Melbourne. On the coast, surrounded by a good number of cows.
Last week the whole family stayed in Melbourne for five days. My husband was doing some training for work. I visited friends and family. My children, aged 2, and 4, spent the week intently studying (in no particular order) escalators, trams, lifts, revolving doors, automatic doors, tall buildings, and six lane roads.
We appear to have raised ourselves some country kids!
They've both travelled a fair bit but you'd never guess it if you saw them ride an escalator. They'd bend riiiight down with their noses on their shoelaces-as if close proximity would help unwind the mystery of those strange collapsible stairs! If left unsupervised for even a minute they'd both gravitate toward the strange stairs and watch, mesmerised.
Wooow.... Magic stairs!?...?!!

The picture above is of my son, Chief Egg-collector.
Our daughter is currently Chief Egg-breaker. We're working on that.

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  1. Hey Shel,
    That's cool cartooning your kids. Maybe Rueben can display this one at his 21st!!

    - Sarah


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