Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jobs Australia

This lovely publication arrived in the mail the other day. Jobs Australia commissioned me to create several cartoons for a training publication, and the result is "Positive Works". Happy to be part of a publication that has words like Respect, Listen, Empathy and Care on the cover.
Jobs Australia is our national peak body for nonprofit organisations that assist unemployed people to get and keep jobs. My contributions included Resistance, Childcare, and Garry or Harry? see below.


  1. These are delightful. It certainly is not much fun being a job seeker, and I'm sure it's not much fun on the other end!

  2. Thanks Shelley
    Not just for all your great work but also for posting the publication to your site.
    Saw your lemon piece in the AGE - slow me took a second to get it but got there in the end

    Thanks again

    George Giuliani (Author Positive Works)
    Jobs Australia


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